Law Enforcement

last update: 02/01/2024

This section is for law enforcement and other properly authorized government agencies or authorities (“Notifiers”) seeking records and information from Text, Inc. and its affiliates to facilitate criminal investigations or requesting an appropriate action in case of abusive or otherwise prohibited use of Services by customers.

Requests for customer or user information

In accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy information about customers and their users is not released to any other person or entity, except as lawfully required by appropriate legal process (such as a valid subpoena, search warrant, court order, or other valid legal process). 

In each case, we will review the legality of the request for data disclosure, in particular, whether it remains within the powers granted to the requesting public authority, and challenge the request if, after careful assessment, we conclude that there are reasonable grounds to consider that the request is unlawful under applicable law (including international law) and principles of international comity. 

Requests for customer data must comply with applicable laws. A subpoena or its local equivalent is required to request non-content data, and a warrant, court order, or its local equivalent, is required for content data. 

By non-content data we mean record information regarding the characteristics of the message/communication, including, but not limited to: name, last name, email and physical address, name, state, country, ZIP code, and IP address, contact details data. Non-content data may also include IP connection history, credit card number, and billing information. By content data we mean the communication content, substance of communication i.e. what our customers create, communicate, send or receive on or through our services. It is mostly the substance of the communication including text, files, documents, photos, and more.

We will search for and disclose only data and information that is specified in the legal order, accurate and that we are reasonably able to locate and retrieve. Therefore, all requests must target specific accounts and identifiers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, situations may vary from each other and we assess them individually and exceptions to the rule described above may occur. Therefore, we reserve the right to act independently in each specific situation.

The same applies to requests for other actions, including closing/blocking customer license/account in case of any report of abusive or otherwise prohibited use of the Services. 

We are unable to process overly broad or vague requests. For this reason, we can only take appropriate action where supporting evidence is compelling and clear with a properly authorized execution of the request. We might reject a request if it exceeds the authority or jurisdiction of the requesting notifier. We may also reject a request if it is not signed or not appropriately authorized, contains the wrong dates, is not properly addressed, contains material mistakes, or is overly broad or does not target the relevant accounts and identifiers at our Service. We may also ask for additional information to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as adherence to our internal policies.

Notifiers shall be prepared to verify their provided credentials. At our sole discretion, we will consider notifiers on their credibility, accuracy and legitimacy of their reports/request. Only trusted and verified notifiers may result in taking action without prior consultation with or notification of the customer and without investigation of the complaint, for example, where necessary to prevent harm by disabling customer access to the Service or suspending the Service. The same applies to reports from law enforcement agencies and other properly authorized enforcement agencies.

We are entitled to seek reimbursement for costs associated with compliance with a valid legal demand.

Contact information for law enforcement

Law enforcement and other government agencies or authorities may submit requests by sending us an email at:

We do our best to respond promptly within the average response time of 60 days from receipt of a legal request, unless the request stated another specific term. It may happen that we will need more time than specified in the request to respond properly, in which case we can apply for an extension of the deadline. Submissions received by mail result in inherent delays and additional processing time. Thus we encourage you to use email. If serving a legal process by mail, please serve us via the address pointed below.

Note that acceptance of legal process by any of these means is for convenience and does not waive any objections, including, but not limited to, lack of jurisdiction or proper service.

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