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Adjust text tone, expand thoughts, or improve grammar in a snap

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The AI text enhancements in the message area in HelpDesk.

Use AI to save minutes in finding the suitable wording and tone

Adjusting the text tone in HelpDesk with AI software.

Adjust the text style

Use a different styling when responding to your recipients, depending on the relationship, case type, psychographics, or industry. Make your response more polite, formal, or casual in seconds.

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Expand the text effortlessly

If your response is too succinct, or if it's structured in a format (like a list) that doesn't comply with the communication rules, you can expand your text with one click.

Test AI text expansion
Expanding the text in HelpDesk.
Correcting the text grammar in HelpDesk.

Correct the grammar

Avoid common and less than obvious mistakes. Take advantage of the built-in AI grammar correction feature to stay efficient yet professional while writing all your messages.

Use AI text correction

Communicate smarter

Browse our help center article to learn how to get the most out of AI text enhancements.

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A business owner who is sitting and thinking about how to use AI text enhancements in HelpDesk.

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Over 100 tickets are handled within four hours through prioritization and tagging.


A single workflow has performed the work of agents over 7,000 times.

It's really great because instead of having to open my inbox, I can see everything at a glance.
I can log into one place, view all my agents, and do a pretty quick review.

Melissa Hannam
Director of Marketing at Valley Driving School

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Valley Driving School AI-based text enhancements case study, information, and statistics.

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Free 14-day trial AI-powered Time-saving

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