HelpDesk app with positive feedback (heart, five stars, thumbs-up) HelpDesk app with positive feedback (heart, five stars, thumbs-up)

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Real-time support

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Stay in touch with the HelpDesk team. Start a chat and get an instant response anytime you need help.



Satisfaction level

achieved with HelpDesk

Get instant feedback about your ticket responses. Your customers can instantly share what they think about your customer support.

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Optimal resolution time

achieved with HelpDesk

How fast you respond to new messages matters. Tickets solved within this timeframe get the best rating.

Email is still the most popular customer service channel. Surprised?

Magnify the value of your email communication with a ticketing system and build better customer relationships.

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Increase loyalty with 5-star customer service

Friendly and efficient support makes a positive impact by building trust. Show that you're reliable and genuinely do care. Respond quickly to queries and keep customers coming back for more.

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Get more sales with contextual messages

Empower your customers by providing valuable assistance in selecting products tailored to their unique needs. Guide your customers through the sales funnel, ensuring their seamless and enjoyable journey.

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Boost your responding process

Supporting is effortless with the right tools, and even the most intricate issues become manageable. Embrace an organized inbox, efficiently handle tickets, and gain space for enhanced productivity.

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Let your customers use their preferred channel

Introduce multichannel customer service with the HelpDesk-LiveChat integration. Respond to emails and talk on chat within the same app. Make it easier for your customers to contact you.

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Build a strong brand identity

Unleash the advantages of controlling your brand’s online presence. Customize your domain, ensure customers receive messages from your corporate email address, and maximize message security.

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Keep your messages fully secure

Benefit from end-to-end encryption for absolute data privacy, role-based access control for streamlined workflows, and secure data storage, ensuring your information is always safeguarded.

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