What are teams

Aneta Szotek
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updated: Jul 1, 2019

In HelpDesk, teams are groups of agents. Teams are useful when you have different customer-facing departments in your company (e.g. Sales, Support, etc.).

An agent needs to be assigned to at least one team.

How to create teams

  • Open the Agents tab.
  • Go to Teams, and click +Add in the upper right corner.

Add teams in HelpDesk

  • Choose Create a team.

Create a team in HelpDesk

  • Enter you team’s name, and add agents. Click Save changes.

Creating a new team in HelpDesk

We’ve also covered it in a quick video:

Editing teams

If you want to edit a team, choose the team from the list, and click the edit icon.

Edit a team in HelpDesk

You can:

  • edit the Team’s Name
  • add new Agents
  • set the Team as Default Team
  • delete the Team

What is a Default Team

Every message from a customer is automatically assigned to the Default Team. Then, you can choose the Team that should take care of the ticket.

When you create a HelpDesk account, your Default Team is called Support Heroes. You can change its name or set another Team as default at any time.

Go to your Teams section and check how it works!

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